17 July 2012

Forgotten Buckles and the "Bastille Birthday" Skirt

EYEYEYEYEYEYEY! When I was going on and on about all my lovely gifts last night, apparently I missed something! I was clearing the section of my desk this morning where I'd dumped all the things from my parcels and I found this:

I don't see it in the photos Sue took of the giveaway haul, so I'm thinking it's probably from Kerry, but I'm not sure. Ladies, if you see this, which of you gave me these sweet buckles? Thanks, at any rate!

Now onto the other exciting news: I actually finished a sewing project!

I made a skirt to wear going out on my birthday night (as I've mentioned before, I love "occasion sewing"); E took some photos of me in it, which came out wicked blurry,

Here I am, out in the world, on the streets of Williamsburg! See, I DO leave my room occasionally!

and then I took a couple boring hanger ones so y'all can see the print on the fabric.

 "When three hens go to the country, the first goes in front, the second follows the first, and the third comes last."

I picked this fabric for two reasons. One, I bought it at the fabric store across the street from K and E's Astoria apartment last time I visited, back in February, and thought it'd be nice to "bring it home," so to speak; two, my birthday is la fete de Bastille, the French Independence Day, and I thought the red-white-blue print and French text would be appropriate for what was a jupe de Bastille as much as a birthday skirt.

The skirt almost didn't materialize, though, because guess what happened while I was panicsewing the evening before my trip (yeah, yeah, I know)? My (mother's) machine spazzed out! There is something (non-obvious, not solvable by simply adjusting) wrong with the thread tension that I, uh, didn't have time to fix. But after a slight freakout I realised something: I had a five-hour bus ride, and surely some time once I'd arrived and E and K's, to figure things out! I sewed the zipper, affixed the gathers to the waistband and folded over and secured it, hemmed the skirt, and applied the hooks and eyes at the waist all by hand.

This is obvious in some  places,

but overall I'm fairly proud of myself. The stitches are solid, and it all looks fine on the outside, so--that's all that really matters, right?


  1. The buckles are from me! I thought I didn't see them in the pictures you posted :)

    That's a sweet skirt, fun fabric.

    1. Haaah good! I moved a big pile of stuff and they just suddenly came flying out at me and I thought, "oh, uh...whoops!" They're great, I have a buckle collection but I'm actually really low on narrower buckles (I have all these 2"-ish ones) so this is perfect.

  2. Well done, it's perfectly adorable -- especially on you!

  3. Adorable skirt! I think the little red buckle is from me, and the rest are from Kerry. :)

    1. Or maybe not! I actually can't tell, though I did have a small red buckle about that size floating around when I was putting my giveaway packages together, so...who knows!

    2. Well they were all together in an envelope, so if the others weren't yours that one wasn't. I did love the buckles you sent me though!

  4. I love the hen fabric and the red stripe goes perfectly with it. Yes, all that matters is that it looks good on the outside. Who cares about the inside if no one is going to see it?