05 July 2012

Canada Day, America Day, Way too Much Fun

Good (very early) morning, everyone! I've had a great time the last five days or so, and I hope you have too! Are you ready for a little life update? Yeah? Yeah!

The rest of my Canada Day weekend in Montreal was a great time. I saw plenty more friends; had a sweet picnic in Parc Lafontaine; went to a crazy block party in an alley in the Plateau with live music, art projects, and a dress-up costume box at the entrance; and ate bacon poutine, Romados roast chicken, and diner breakfasts galore. Canada Day itself our tribe actually hopped on four wheels

 V was very excited about the afternoon's Euro Cup victory by Spain and made sure we were advertising our Hispanophilia on the way out of town

and headed off the island to Shawbridge, where clan band the Argyles (accompanied by pals--including my former roommate M!--AlexeiMartov) kicked off a cross-Canada tour with a house show/party. It was a great time; we hung out, made and ate chili and pear crumble, drank beers, listened to the guys play some tunes, stayed up to watch the sun rise. I surrendered my camera to V for the night, knowing I'd forget about it the second the music started anyway; she had a lot of fun with my camera settings, and despite the drunk-picture-blur the photos came out actually really cool looking:

I'd yammer on about their tour dates for the benefit of those of y'all who are Canadian, but I don't actually know them and my Internet skills are failing me! The boys of the Argyles are blogging the tour, though, so check 'em out!

I got back in to Boston at eight A. M. on Tuesday and immediately headed to work/class...oof. After that I spent the evening at the historical society setting up our exhibit for Independence Day; since the headquarters/archive building is right in town square, toward the end of the parade route, we opened up for the morning/early afternoon and set up a mini-exhibit of wartime artifacts from our collection, dating mostly from the Revolutionary and War of 1812 periods. A and I presented the objects and answered questions for visitors. I only got one snap of the exhibit setup,

but I did manage a few of the parade itself when I slipped away to watch:

Folks lined up to watch across the street (our town square is really quaint, guys...)

We sent out a sign for the Historic House Tour,

and I was excited to see the Old Boston Road Base Ball League, who play baseball according to late-19th century rules (and have a game on Saturday co-hosted by my historical society, if anyone in the Boston area is interested! 3pm at Derby Academy in Hingham).

One of my favorite groups in the parade every year is the Kazoo Band, who march in Groucho glasses playing patriotic favorites on their kazoos. It's fun to watch and, I imagine, even more fun to do, and it speaks to a good attitude and sense of fun in town, I think.

Then we had the vintage car procession. I'm not sure what happened between the midcentury cars

and the old military vehicles/trucks (like this army ambulance),

as I was called back inside to the exhibit for a time.  But I got back out in time to see the WELLS FARGO WAGON and have the relevant song stuck in my head all day:


  1. oh my god I'm so envious you were in Montreal! I would love to go there! Alas I'm stuck in Sydney >.<


  2. The Revolutionary War and War of 1812 era clothing is so wonderfully interesting and chocked full of history. I've never had the pleasure of holding a garment that old, but have always wanted to (perhaps some day). The parade looks like it was a blast - love all the old vehicles, especially the stagecoach and that snazzy aqua hued vintage car.

    Thank you very much for your lovely birthday wishes, you're so sweet dear gal.

    Wishing you a gorgeous week!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Heehee, looks like tons of fun!