17 July 2012

Birthday Presents and Postal Bounty

It's been a while, hasn't it, O Internet? I have had a crazy couple weeks since last we spoke. Work has been crazy, I've had a lot to do at the archive, I am getting mouth surgery, and this past weekend I globetrotted again!

I spent the weekend in New York visiting my friends K and E, who I love dearly and see seldom. I had a great time, we went on fun adventures, E gave me rockin' sidebangs, and they sent me home with a pile o' presents for my birthday (it was Saturday),

 All awesome on the giftin' front!

including two pulp novels (one old, one reprinted) for the collection, gold and leopard ducttape with which to build the world's most epic wallet, a bunch of headbands and hairclips (and yes, that IS LipSmackers brand scented glitter nail polish (with enclosed holographic nail decals that I forgot to put in the photo)), and these two pieces of jewelry handmade by K, who needs to tell me whether she has an Etsy store yet or if that is just dreamtalk, so I can link it here if it exists:

 World's coolest cuff bracelet

A pendant, of wire and beads strung over a seashell

I made a skirt for my birthday night (as I've mentioned before, I have a weakness for "occasion sewing"), but as I still need to photograph it I will post about that process later! Plus, I brought my "One of the Gang" Jacket from That's Sew Cinematic and I cannot overestimate how much swaggering through Penn Station in it made me feel like the baddest of asses (also, overheated, but that hardly matters when such unholy awesomeness is at stake, right?)

Going to work today was rough, and dull, in comparison to the weekend jaunt, but not all was sadness and doom! I got home this evening to the lovely surprise of not just one but two parcels waiting for me--from two of lovely you!

The first was my Summer Sewing Swap parcel from Kerry over at Kestrel Finds and Makes. I was overcome before I even started opening things in this one, it was so adorably wrapped up:

Purple polkadot ribbon? PERFECT. I have a new hairbow before I even open the package

But the stuff inside was even awesomer!

 Even the card is cute!

That fabric is a gem--nice weight, soft and drapey, and I'm a sucker for both a) red tones and b) a good geometric or tribal-ish print, and my only question now is what kind of dress exactly it is going to turn into! And the yarn is almost exactly my favorite shade of purple. Check the lovely thistles embroidered here, for a bit of local Scottish color:

...that stood a-GAINST him, proud Edward's AR-my, and sent him HOOOOOME-ward, to think a-GAIN.

These two patterns are both going in my "please sew me up!" pile:

The second parcel was from Sue at Sewin' Steady, and contained the prize I'd won in a giveaway she hosted a week or so ago. I was running around like a chicken-with-cut-off head at the time and never wrote about winning or my excitement about it, but I won, and I was/am excited! This parcel's contents were also gold:

 I like how you can tell my knee is weighing down/slanting the mattress on the bottom left.

Again, red! And I have a weakness for old notions. I love the seam binding with the enclosed bobbin of matching thread! As for the buttons, C loves to "organize"/play with my button collection and I'm sure she will be gratified to have some new charges for the menagerie (assuming I don't use them before she gets her hands on 'em; I have some button-heavy projects on the slate and they're all so pretty!)

I think the thing in this assemblage I got the most excited about was the set of pinking shears:

  Fine quality! Unconditionally guaranteed!

Cool, eh?

So thanks, everybody in this post, for givin' me stuff and makin' my life a fun place to be! Errybody else, check out Kerry and Sue's blogs and give them lots of craftlove, because they are awesome people who deserve plenty of it.


  1. Old notions are the best. I love the leopard print and gold duct tape. The shirtdress pattern is great too.

    1. Aren't they? The ducttape is awesome--there are actually two shades of gold, one is lighter and one is more like a bronze color, so I'm going to be having fun with that! I am a ducttape wallet aficionado, so I think the idea was to help me class up my (currently black and covered in peeling stickers) wallet situation...

  2. Ooooh...love all the sewing notions! Vintage sewing notions (I call them pogey bait) are the best!

    1. "Pogey bait"-- that's brilliant! New favorite phrase.

  3. Ha ha, I am very impressed with the duct tape!!

    1. Haha, me too, clearly my friends know me too well...

  4. Nice haul! :) Glad you liked the package.

  5. Eeep! So glad you 1. received and 2. liked the package! I had so much fun gathering up all those little vintage sewing odds and ends for the giveaway. :)
    Oh, and a note on those pinking shears: they stick a little bit, but it actually doesn't effect how well they cut (which is very well!). Enjoy!

    1. Good to know! I am excited because they are a bit smaller than my current monster ones, which sometimes actually make pinking seams difficult because they won't go around curves well, etc. Accidentally perfect item! Thank you so much yet again.

  6. So very, very cool! Happiest belated birthday wishes, dear Lenora! I truly hope your year ahead sparkles and abounds with everything you hope for and more!!!

    Tons of hugs from a fellow July born gal,
    ♥ Jessica