21 June 2012

Wrapup: Live Music and Hazel Thoughts

Hey folks! I was planning on having a That's Sew Cinematic piece to show y'all but then instead of coming home last night and having sewing time after dinner I went to a show! The Summer of Ska tour was in Boston last night and I had an amazing time. Big D and the Kids Table, Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish are all bands I've loved for a bunch of my life; hearing them play is like a reminder of age twelve or thirteen when every single show was exhilarating just because you were out of the house, hangin' with the punk kids, listening to musicians and audience alike yell loud. I had a crew at the show, so we stuck together and danced our feet off, too, which I always love--danced my way into exhausted dehydration really, was gasping on the train home (whoops). All in all, a great night!

Not to mention: my first public wearing of the muslin/first attempt/whatever you want to call my not-final-version of my Hazel sundress! I took some pictures when I finished it the other day:

Yes, that blue is the craaazyvibrant fabric from my Licorice! Fluorescent Colette dress bodices FOREVER is apparently my new mantra...

I made two changes--the criscross straps and a side instead of back zipper. It held up relatively well at the show--the straps shifted around annoyingly while I was dancing, but that's par for the course. And I got compliments! Of course I'm still not thrilled with the misalignment at the side zip,

but I know how to fix that next time (I'm pretty sure it happened because of the VERY hack off-the-cuff way I took in the back bodice).

Have a great Thursday, everybody! Maybe someday I will actually post about all the things I've been promising to tell you about.


  1. I really like the jewel tones in the colourful strips on the skirt of that cute dress. So fun!

    That's too cool about the awesome timing of finding the vintage potato salad recipe when you did. Big yay! Hope it turns out wonderfully for you if you make it.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I like the two tone and the crossed over straps. Zips are pretty much the bane of my life. They never seem to match up perfectly. Side zips are good though because it's not as noticeable.