30 June 2012

TSC #4.5, Wrap-Up, and Thoughts

Greetings from Montreal! I am there, staying with friends for the weekend to celebrate a) Canada Day and b) the inexplicable day off work I have Monday. I'll probably be radio silent for the rest of that period (and possibly through Independence Day, depending how efficiently we get our mini-exhibit at the archive installed for Wednesday morning), but I wanted to drop in with a few things before I disappeared:

a) I didn't manage to finish it (my indecisive packing style slayed me Thursday night and yesterday morning) but here's a shot of my latest That's Sew Cinematic garment-in-progress:

It's Lenora's bathing suit from the first scene at Turkey Point; more thoughts on that, and photographs thereof, when I finish! Which brings me to:

b) Today is the last official day of That's Sew Cinematic, I guess? I haven't completed all my planned garments, which is no surprise considering when I started. I am a little disappointed, just because I am working so hard at developing skills with follow-through and trying to learn my way out of the planning fallacy, etc., but honestly I'm not too worried about it. After a week or two off to focus on some other projects I have lined up, I'm planning to get right back to the remaining projects.

Let's look at what I did finish, though, shall we?

There's the "Bad Girl Beauty Makeover" Top,

the "Jukebox Jivin'" Skirt,

and the "One of the Gang" Jacket.

Despite some of my fratchetty commentary in the posts linked above, I think I'm actually pretty satisfied with how all three pieces turned out. Hopefully I experience a sense of similar well-being when I get through the other three!

c) One of the reasons I am okay with not quite completing my goals for That's Sew Cinematic is the extent to which that shortfall is because of other fun, interesting projects I was involved in over the past six weeks. I made a Licorice and a first-draft Hazel for Sew Colette versions 1 and 2.0, am putting together a package for Kestrel's Summer Sewing Swap (which I need to mail, like, as soon as I get back from Montreal! Egads), and started (selectively/one might even say half-assedly, really) following along with the Sew Weekly. And over the past few weeks, the grade-nine-esque love of stenciling I rekindled with a couple of those projects has taken me over completely! I've made a tee shirt for my friend A,

tops for myself with the Tank Girl and Tsunami Bomb logos (because if I'm going to revert to my angry 14 year old punk ways, why not go whole hog),

and the logo for another friend's band, The This Many Boyfriends Club (go listen to them! Or something, they're great),

as well as a few other things that are still in progress. 

d) I made an exciting purchase the other day! Did y'all know that What Katie Did, the vintage repro lingerie folks, have an Ebay clearance store? I didn't, but I certainly do now! I bought a few things from it the other day, and they were so (comparatively) cheap! I recommend going over there and checking out what they've got in (over)stock.

This was especially exciting because the package arrived in the mail two days ago, along with a letter from a pen-pal that had a spring of beautiful smelling dried lavender from her garden, and it was basically the best postal day in history:

Whew, I wrote more than I was expecting there! More when I'm no longer a houseguest, guys (though since M is still asleep it hardly matters what I'm doing with my time); have a great Canada Day, if you're here, and a sweet Independence Day, if you're there and I don't get back online in time!


  1. Wow! What lovely makes for TSC - I especially love the juke jivin' skirt :) Well done!

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty pleased, too. I am definitely determined to finish everything I planned, though, so there'll be more yapping from this direction when I get back to it!

  2. I think you've done well with your TSC makes, I also like the skirt!

  3. How did I miss your post about the Jukebox Jivin' skirt? I love it. I think all the stuff you made for TSC looks great. Can't wait to see the bathing suit. I love your Tank Girl top. I still have (and wear) my Tank Girl boots that I got when I was a teenager.

    1. Thanks so much! I love my Tank Girl top too (I made a friend the other day because I was wearing it!), and I also still wear my boots (from like age 16) constantly...I was visiting friends over the weekend and ran into a university acquaintance on the street and at some point in our conversation he looked me up and down and then went, "hey, wait. I think this is the first time I've ever seen you without combat boots on!"

      (It's cold in Canada, is my excuse? Mostly I just like feeling badass)

  4. Your pieces turned out beautifully, and my favorite is definitely the Bad Girl Beauty Makeover top! I didn't finish all of my pieces either, but we gave it the good ol college try :) Well done!!!