24 June 2012

TSC #4: The "One of the Gang" Jacket

Happy Sunday, dear Internet! Just wanted to drop a line and report on my most recent finish for That's Sew Cinematic.

Extra-attentive (or, like me, extra-anal) readers may notice that this entry is marked "TSC #4" where, in fact, I have only shown you two other garments for this sewalong. Guess what, guys? I was about a step and a half away from finishing my last item (the grandma-inspired one tied to the last Spotlight post) when I, uh, lost it somewhere in my sewing corner! I finished this project and was holding on to it figuring I'd find and finish the other and post about them together--but since it's been several days now and I clearly have not found the motivation/time/impetus to scour through my possessions, I figure I ought to just get on with things for now.

So without further delay or faffing about: the "One of the Gang" Jacket!

This is not a home-sewn jacket! Like a number of my projects lately, it's  a bit of a low-key undertaking--a stencil rather than a sewing job; I intended to find a leather or faux-leather jacket to stencil onto, which item I was sure as hell not going to try and make myself (for both skill and expense reasons; better to just go to the secondhand store). Nothing turned out quite right (not to mention, I already have a biker-cut jacket, did I really need another?), but I did find this bomber jacket in a pile in my wardrobe, and figured it'd do.

It's, of course, my Cry-Baby jacket (because I guess I am now a Cry-Baby girl):

I'm not sure, actually, how I feel about the overall look here (it IS evenly stencilled across the back; the hook it's hanging on veers sorta crooked so it's at an angle). I thought making the stencil much bigger would look odd, but I'm reconsidering now; the empty expanse left isn't the best. I think what I'm going to do is draw an image or something to stencil on and fill in the back, once I'm done Cinematicking...

(And because it's the best place I can think to pop it in: here's a whole bunch of photos of real-life cute 50s gang boys and their super cool looking ladyfriends, courtesy of How to Be a Retronaut)


  1. Girl, this project is AWESOME. I'll post some cinematic style inspiration soon too -- except I'm nowhere near equipped to CREATE said inspirations myself! You've got effing talent, babe!

  2. My girl, you are all together way, way to hard on yourself and your ultra talented work! This jacket is amazing, and certainly verges on being a deadringer for one from the movie. So, so cool!!!

    ♥ Jessica