07 June 2012

TSC #2 Setbacks and Sneak Peeks

So I was planning to post my second garment for That's So Cinematic today, but late-tired sewing last night ended up equalling careless sewing, and I have a very misshapen seam that's leaving the skirt in question with some big saggy patches...and one I only discovered after I had already pulled out the basting stitches on the gathered edge involved(!)

Instead of a finished garment and photoset, then, I'm offering this sneak peek of what I'll have to show you soon:

I've also got a bit of fitting to sort out--somehow, in the week and a bit the skirt's been mouldering around my room, I've managed to shrink measurably? Which is cool, I guess, except for possible issues of clothing alteration.

Happy Thursday/weekend, dear Internet. I've the afternoon off work as I am picking up C at the airport for a weekend visit before she scampers off to her summer job down the Cape. It promises to be pretty out--I hope it is where y'all are too!

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