11 June 2012

TSC #2: The "Jukebox Jivin' " Skirt

I finished it! I finished it! My second That's Sew Cinematic piece, delayed by my own shoddy night-sewing* and C's visit over the weekend, is finally done.

*I am trying really hard to make a "Nightswimming" pun here, but it's not happening! Better REM fans than I, help!

It's a skirt, and hewing to the "awesomely dressed extras" bit I was on about the other day, it's worn in the film by a character who has no name. Dupree's girlfriend wears this pink skirt with the knee-level flounce at the Juxebox Jamboree:

I made my version up in a slightly lighter shade--and, after several abortive attempts at the knife pleats I think her skirt features, opted to gather the flounce instead.

Not sure what is going on with my body parts in this photo? This seemed like a fun pose while I was doing it. It shows how the flounce at the bottom fans out though.

The skirt is based on the skirt portion of Vogue 8184 (dear God I love that pattern!), pegged at the bottom, with an added waistband and of course the added bit from knee to hem. It's got an invisible side zip and a button at the waist.

This whole entry is somewhat unenthusiastic sounding, I know, but to be honest I am pretty sick of this skirt. I do like how it came out looking, but I have to emphasize just how much of a pain in the butt it was to sew. Things just kept going wrong! The base pattern for the skirt is one that usually fits me straight out of the box, but it seemed I couldn't do enough fitting. I completely failed to make decent looking knife pleats, and even after giving up on that had to detach and redo the gathering twice. There are still a couple points where the side seams pull weirdly:

I know it's crazy to expect perfection, but I have nowhere near enough perspective to tell whether I'm nitpicking or whether this guy's actually unacceptable; I'm still so frustrated with it that every single tiny thing seems damning. Planning to put it away for a week or two and then pull it back out to see if a) it feels any better, and if not b) there's anything else I can do to fix it up.

Overall, verdict: eh. Hopefully item number three will outshine number two by far!


  1. I realize that when it comes to clothes (whether you make them yourself or my them), you need to feel that special love (whether it's short lived or a lifelong affair), but I think this skirt is stellar! Seriously, my dear, it looks fantastic on you. The colour is warm and feminine, the cut timelessly alluring. Hopefully it will grow on you more, as it really looks fantastic and ohhhh so gorgeous!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I think it looks really good! It's hard not to nit pick with a self made item, since you know every seam, but this is a really cute skirt!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, like I said, I think I'm just annoyed because I've been working on it for too long. There are a couple things I still wanna fix but mostly I'm hoping putting it away for a week will calm me down :)