03 June 2012

Tag Sale Scores

Yesterday I spent the morning helping out with the annual Tag Sale at the historical society. It was a load of fun and even though it was raining like crazy plenty of people came out! I didn't get any pictures during the sale, because I was running about, but I took a few snaps on Friday while things were mid-setup:

For some reason I put my camera on the "pinhole" filter/setting/whatever while I took these?

The sale was held in the upstairs hall at the society headquarters. I helped one of the more swamped tables for a while, then spent the latter part of the sale downstairs in the gift shop, ringing stuff up and prepping things for next week's tours at the house museum.

Of course there was no way I was getting out of there without any new oldthings. The woman I was helping sell gave me a handful of things as a thank-you,

and I picked up some awesome stuff from other tables,

but the coolest thing I found (though those pins are a close second! I am really excited about those pins!) was this photo collection:

That's a full photograph album in the bottom corner. The album itself is badly damaged, but the photos within it are in pretty great condition (as are those loose ones) and it's a real treasure trove. A number of the same folks recurring (my boss and I were trying to come up with a biographical narrative for the girl whose album it seems to be while we did office work later in the day!), plenty of full-body shots of people--ie, lots of pictures of different clothes in different contexts, yay)--absolutely brilliant. The album photos are dated between 1918 and 1925.  I'm definitely going to scan in some of the photos and talk more about 'em later, because there's so much there, there's no way I could cover it now.

And in the category of Things I Wasn't Expecting to Find at the Historical Society: a kajillion pop-punk and ska cds! One of the tables had a big "free" box next to it full of CDs and records--its owners' son had left them all behind when he left for college, and apparently didn't want them anymore. I did, though!

Have a wonderful rest of Sunday, folks! Coming Post Attractions: my second TSC garment, an Ode to Trashpicking, possibly more Tales from the Archives, and DEFINITELY a resumption of my TSC-induced Cry-Baby tunnel-vision. Get psyched!


  1. Oh, that little sew box! Such a treasure...
    I'd put the pins as a first choice, they' re wonderful.

  2. What a tremendously lovely selection of items you were able to pick up. That sale sounds like my idea of vintage heaven, and could I have, I would have attended in a heartbeat. I especially adore the album of 1910s/20s photos that you picked up, that is a stellar find, that I know went to live with the perfect person.

    Thank you very much for your wonderful blogs comments, dear Lenora, and for sharing these treasures with us.

    ♥ Jessica