18 June 2012

Sew Weekly ENGAGE!

Hello from beyond the weekend! I had a great one, folks. My high school reunion was Saturday, which was crazy! And weird. But I'm glad I went.

I'm sure most of y'all in the sewing blog world are on top of the Sew Weekly by now (if not, click link! Check out. Is cool). I've been creeping on it for months and months now, but never participated in any of the challenges. That all ended two weeks ago, though! I've decided to start trying to do at least some of them.

I think what has kept me so hesitant for a while was the nightmare commitment it felt like it involved--an openended pledge to sew a dress or outfit or whatever a week? And I've been trying to develop discipline and followthrough with regards to my self-commitments, which adds extra pressure on the success of the venture. So I'm doing two things:

a) I'm starting slow, projectwise. Especially over the next month or so when I am mired in the web of sewalongs and projects to which I have overcommitted myself, the things I make will be small. As you'll see in a second, my past two projects have been an embellishment for an existing garment and a refashion. I want to take this less as "check out my perfectly turned out new garment I am a wunderkind" and more in the spirit of "make stuff, be creative, act in community." I think I'll stay on the refashion tip for the most part--I have such a pile of imperfect clothes, and no excuse not to dive in.

b) I am giving myself permission to wimp out a reasonable amount of the time. This one's tricky, since allowing myself to renege on a standing commitment sort of enables the type of weaselly, nonproductive flake-tendencies I am attempting to train myself out of in 2012. I do plan to keep up almost week for week--but it would be unreasonable to imprison myself in an ironclad weekly commitment, and just plain silly to keep myself from participating at all on account of my own fear about self-imposed deadlines. Maybe I can give myself a week off a month or something? I'll think about it.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at what I've done so far! I've written posts about both items over at the Sew Weekly; I think I'll probably keep doing that, and bring the posts over here if I make something I'm especially proud or excited about. But we'll see!

First up: the Diamond Jubilee challenge!

Instead of making a royal look, I decided to memorialise the Sex Pistols' trip down the River Thames during the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977. I made this back patch out of an orphaned flannel shirt and a contact-paper stencil. Here it is pinned to a jacket (not the one it's staying on, which is--eek!--lost in a friend's basement right now):

For last week's Television Challenge, I picked Buffy for my inspiration and married the fine minds behind the Buffyoutfits tumblr's obsession with Xander's Hawaiian shirt collection and the very large men's Hawaiian shirt mouldering in my refashion pile

 to make a nifty shirt for summer (nifty? Why did I say nifty? Do people say that? It's such a strange word):

SO that's what I've been up to! Further That's Sew Cinematic instalments on the way, as well as updates on my Hazel for Sew Colette 2.0 and some photos and history chat from the archives (I snagged a bunch of shots of the 30s highschool yearbooks at work last week in celebration of my reunion and then never blogged about them, so you'll hopefully be hearing from me on that count!)


  1. You are on a major creative roll, dear gal! Love the revamped Hawaiian shirt and could definitely see wearing it with cute vintage skirts and high-waisted jeans all summer long.

    Thank you very much for your comment on my Borrowed from the Boys post. Like yourself, I've always felt fairly out-of-place in menswear styles, but find that feeling is lessened when I introduce a hefty vintage vibe, the doing of which is what inspired that post. More often than not though, I'll always be drawn to feminine styles though, I guess some of us just have that girly-girl gene :)

    Wishing you a terrific Tuesday!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. LOVE the revamped Hawaiian shirt - definitely Xanderiffic!! Seriously, Xander has got some crazy print shirts - I just started rewatching the series from the beginning and the one electric blue print from last night's marathon was epic. I love your version - perfect for summer and it looks great tied in front! Excellent refashion, my friend!

    1. Thank you! Oz also has crazy shirts, which I had sort of forgotten about until I found the buffyoutfits tumblr, where they are all pointed out gleefully, so get excited for his arrival if you're not there yet? He and Xander make an amazing-fabric-sporting pair for a bit there. Enjoy rewatching--I am in the middle of an epic Dr. Who rewatch with my little sister, but once we make it to the end of that I think Buffy/Angel is next on the slate...