22 June 2012

Photos (Finally!) and the Joys of Trashpickin'

Hey Internet, remember a couple weeks ago, when I picked up a beautiful vintage photo album at the archive's tag sale and promised to share the photos with you? And then never did?

Well, I've finally gotten on it! I scanned the first handful of pictures in the other day:

The thing was, though, I wasn't sure about the best method of delivery. While for the most part I like Blogger, it really is better structured for longer posts, lots of text, and most importantly, lots of original content. Posting up batches of photos that, with any given lot, I might not necessarily have much to write up about seemed like...not really what this site was designed for. And while Flickr is, obviously, a straight-up photo-sharing site, I'm really only starting to get into using it, and it didn't seem right either. I mean, I didn't take these photos.

SO what I did instead, o Internet, was this: I started a Tumblr. For this it seemed like the perfect platform: easy sharing (through that crazy reblogging feature), a really simple interface and tagging/search thing, and though it's a blogging system (so I can upload photos gradually and post them as new entries), it's much less structured for heavy text and original content than Blogger feels to me like it is?

The Tumblr is called "Young Folks in Old Photos" (another link! yay!) and I'm planning to keep scanning the photos from the album in and posting them there, with any attributive information I can find/figure out (some of the photos have dates and locations written on; some I can just figure out where they were taken, because I grew up around the same towns/coastline) and anything else I think of to say about a given photo/set.

I'm also hoping, as I go along, to start incorporating some "out of the album" photos I have collected from elsewhere, and I made a submit feature, so if anyone has orphaned vintage photos they'd like to put out into the world, submit 'em and I'll (probably) post them up!

Now, since I've denied my best history find lately to this blog, here's a consolation prize: 50s newspaper ads!

I was up in the archive the other day after a group of older volunteers had been in loading new accessions and organizing the research room. In addition to finding the 30s yearbooks I mentioned last week (and which I will get around to putting up someday soon I promise!), I found one other goody...in the recycling bin!

This chunk of newspaper had been taped around some other object that had been put into the archive, and whoever had unwrapped it had decided to throw it out. Never one to be ashamed of a lil' trashpicking, I pulled it out and discovered

it was from 1957! And enough of it was intact to show some truly awesome ads:

I think that last one is my favorite. They're in horrid condition--they were being used as wrapping paper in a storage box, I mean, really--but to me that almost makes it more exciting/precious a find, reflecting on how close the piece came to being swept away in the day's recycling before I found it. Is that absurd?

So, uh, yeah, folks! Check out my New Adventures in Tumbling! Enjoy your Friday/weekend! Spend the day wishing you had an "Ice Box Instant Manhattan," like I undoubtedly will...


  1. Great photos - glad you've shared! In college I was an intern in the archives at the city library and my favorite part was processing all of the old photos, especially since they were all from locals so I was able to recognize a lot of the scenery/landmarks.
    That newspaper is totally something I'd pluck from the trash, then have sitting sadly, unused at my house forever. I'm so glad you opted to share in on the internets, where everything lives forEVER! :)

  2. Seeing old photos (and ephemera) never fails to brighten my day, and peaking into your recent (amazing!) vintage album was no exception. I've never jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon myself (nothing against it, I just haven't felt compelled), but do enjoy following various (usually vintage centered - huge surprise, I know ;D) Tumblr accounts, so I'll be sure to add your new account to that list.

    Wishing you a relaxing, gorgeous Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica