01 June 2012

Me-Made-May Wrap-Up, etc.

So Me-Made-May finished up yesterday! I got a little lax about outfit posting (and, for that matter, photo taking) there, so here's a smattering of the end of the month:

1: Vogue 8184, gently modified (...and now way too big for me? Have I become smaller? I am taking pretty much the same measurements as I was when I sewed it up a year ago? Huh?)
2: Sweater Kohl's, 2008; top Colette Sorbetto; skirt Boomerangs thrift shops; shoes...God knows
3: Top Colette Taffy; skirt Colette Beignet; belt Buffalo Exchange (no brand, etc indication); shoes 3/$10 sumer sale at Ardene, 2011

I think the month went pretty well for me, in terms of wardrobe. In a way, the "me-made" part of the challenge was sort of incidental; I definitely wore more me-made things than I usually do, but I don't tend to struggle a ton with wearing them in regular life. It's like any other clothes I have--some things I love but only don on occasion, some things I keep in my closet but secretly sort of dread/avoid, some things I wear to death. The two main effects of the challenge for me were:

a) getting to see where the holes in my me-made wardrobe are (though even this is sort of illusory; I need more work clothes, but I also just started a new job, and would have had this problem/realization anyway)

b) giving me the impetus to restart/keep posting consistently! Which mantle has now been taken up by my frantic and possibly ill-advised headfirst dive into That's Sew Cinematic.

Also, my zebr-y Licorice was posted over at Rhinestones and Telephones as part of Sew Colette...which is awesome! Thank you so much to Sarah and to Erin over at Miss Crayola Creepy for hosting (and for welcoming me upon my unsolicited sewalong-invasion 80% of the way in...). I'm excited to have everyone's garments to draw on for inspiration as I catch the hell up and sew the first three gaments in the book over the next couple months.

And now it's time to head out, because I'm leading my first tours at the house museum today (eek!)

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