13 June 2012

Cry-Baby Cover Story: "Teardrops Are Falling"

While I'm working on my third That's Sew Cinematic garment, I think it's time for another Cover Story installment from the movie!

This scene is such a joy, from Willem Dafoe's hilarious prison-guard routine at the start, to the hilarious visual moments throughout--where does the cigar box guitar come from? What's with that bunk-on-wheels-zoom-effect?--to the song itself. "Teardrops Are Falling" was, like "Sh-Boom," originally recorded elsewhere, though: by Harlem's own Five Wings:

I don't really have much to expand on, here. The two versions are pretty different, and both pretty cool. I guess you could get back on the "black root/white fruit" thing here, but I feel as if "featured in a movie starring a white guy 35 years after original release" is a slightly different thing? Or maybe I'm just swayed in my sympathies by Johnny Depp:

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  1. The other evening the mister and I watched the movie remake of 21 Jump Street, which (going into it) I didn't know Mr. Depp had a small role in (can we say "delightful surprise"?), and remarked to my husband that it was soooo nice to see him with short hair again (after the seemingly endless string of pirate flicks). These photos drill that point right back home again and make me hope he'll continue to keep his locks a little shorter in future movies.

    Thank you very much for your comment on my Flickr Favourites post today, dear gal. Colour has always been something that I love and embrace, whether I'm smitten with a certain hue (or two) at the moment, or just as a general approach to life and how I dress. I agree that yellow and purple can marry so splendidly together, and would love to see what you make with your piece of calico in these hues one day.

    Wishing you a sunny, fantastic weekend!
    ♥ Jessica