25 June 2012

Cry-Baby Cover Story: "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane"

As we head into the final week of That's Sew Cinematic, I figured I'd toss y'all another Cover Story from the film! We're back to Baldwin and the Whiffles for this one, a version of "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane" sung in the film to shame Allison after her night of drapey adventure at the Jukebox Jamboree (song is from roughly 5:00 to 7:00):

(Sidenote: the moment on the balcony that comes at the end of this song is one of the parts of the film that makes me love Mrs. Vernon-Wiliams so very much. She's faced here not only with Allison's disobedience and "inappropriate" behavior in associating with drapes, but also massive public embarrassment and scandal--Baldwin has brought the entire town down to see him make Allison capitulate, it seems--should her granddaughter stick to her guns. And yet, even as Allison turns to race downstairs, she cautions, "You don't have to decide today! Give your heart a chance to think!" There is no better indication that she truly has her granddaughter's best interests at heart--and that she is learning to expand the possible manifestations of those interests.)

Like the previous Whiffles song we've talked about, it's a multiple-cover! This one actually even more so: the song had been recorded by a number of musicians including Dean Martin and Ray Charles. Here's the former (with AMAZING video):

And here's a 1955 version sung by Dorothy Collins:

You might have noticed something a little different in tone, there! When Baldwin and his Whiffles use the song to try and shame Allison, they omit the original's central joke. And it has kind of a funny reflection on the situation--instead of being the story of a woman of scandal, it's the story of a terrible misunderstanding about who's innocent and good, which in the film is sustained on the squares' part right through the end.


  1. This project only gets awesomer, the more you expand on it.

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  2. I completely second what Cammila said, this cool project just gets more and more interesting the further you go into detail about it. So fun!

    I'm delighted to know that you'll be able to celebrate Canada Day up here on this side of the 49th! Yay!!! Happiest Maple Leaf Day to you in advance, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica