28 May 2012

TSC #1: the "Bad Girl Beauty Makeover" Top

 Hey, girls, what do you think? Let's give Allison here a bad girl beauty makeover.

In spite of my lining debacle, I finally finished up on my first That's So Cinematic piece! I made my own version of this top Allison wears at the Jukebox Jamboree:

K calls this Allison's "pirate outfit" because of the britches-and-swashbuckle vibe she gets off the capris and scarf drape, so in conversation we've been referring to it as the "pirate shirt." I have elected not to name my version that, and since my non-pants-wearing ways* mean I don't have any capris, I wore it differently too!

*Seriously, I very rarely wear pants anymore. I think I own two pairs. Both of which, now that I think about it, I've photographed myself in for this blog...a shocking overrepresentation.

(That exercise ball is...not mine. Belt is waistcoaty bit from a vintage shirtdress)

To make the top, I modified and lengthened the bodice section of Vogue 8184 (God but I love that pattern...will be using parts of it for my second garment too, get excited) and the bust detailing from Simplicity 2442, which is this really sort of awful bridesmaid-dress pattern, but the way the bust section went together fit well with Allison's top! I drafted the collar-detail bits (or, what are those folded-over bits called?) myself and popped 'em on.

I ended up with a two-tone lining because of my cutting difficulties; the main lining is yellow and the top chunk in back is the same green as the shell of the top.

I could only manage one close shot of the top that wasn't a super  intense cleavage shot (and, dear Internet, we are not close enough friends for that yet!), so here it is, and a closer look at the front of the bust:

I still don't have the fit exactly right around the midriff, but I'm telling myself that's all right, because neither does Allison:


  1. You are a great seamstress, my dear - I'm adoring your alluring new top and wish I had the same style in about a dozen hues for the summer.

    Thank you very much for you comment on my vintage outfit today, I totally appreciate it. No worries at all, I totally know what you mean about the Minnie Mouse element that can come with polka dots. Minnie was/is adorable, so I don't mind channeling her spirit sometimes :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Amazing that you made this top! Absolutely fabulous!