22 May 2012

Repetition Time

Tops: painted by me!, from Halloween 2010 Tank Girl costume -- not really sure -- clothing swap 
Shorts/skirt: an Advance pattern I left the house without checking but I very much like this -- Colette Beignet -- shorts again!

Life has gotten a little repetitive the past couple days on the outfit front, I'm afraid! Yesterday and Saturday were all about those purple shorts, and though I don't think I've worn this skirt yet I most certainly had this blouse on the other day. Sunday I forgot to take a photo but I just wore this dress again.

Boston is having rainventures today but I hope the rest of y'all have a beautiful Tuesday morning...and afternoon &c I guess...

1 comment:

  1. The shade of those shorts is so cheerfully pretty! I'm starting to veer away from my blue (as in wardrobe choices) mood and into the realm of pink and purple as we inch closer to summer. There's just something about those gardeny hues that makes them work so well this time of the year.

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica