10 May 2012

The Office Workin' Daze and a Boston Walkin' Tour

Trousers: high school rummage sale, 2004
Cardigan: who knows? Not me.

Me-Made Photoday number two found me at the office. Did I mention I have an office job now? I have an office job now, guys, and today I wore my newly-completed Taffy to work:

I do not know why it is all bunched up in my trouser waistband here! Yuck! I'm so pleased, though, with how it came out in the end.

These photos were all taken inside my office. I have an office! I have that bookshelf, and my own desk--like 300% more desk than I have ever had before--and one of those great spinny chairs...

and a million old files to sort through, codify and file before I can push one into the other!

(Just to clarify: I am not actually important or anything! I have an office because it is a tiny place and there happened to be one free right around my start date, not because I am important.)

We are on the ninth floor, and I have the requisite creepy view across the street,

but I can't be too creeptastic because my windowsill is too deep to let me see the ground:

I work in Boston's Financial District, sort of nearby South Station (the major train and bus terminal) and Government Center. After a bunch of gross, rainy days--and a pretty unpromising morning--this afternoon was quite nice, so I took a bit of a stroll-and-snap excursion on my way back from lunch. I hit up Post Office Square (see, there is green space in cities! Sometimes I forget):


I walk under this canopy/arbor thing on my way to the office:

Sometimes you can catch the skyscrapers at kind of cool angles:

 This statue is right across from work:

And last but not least: my favorite thing about my building: the sickawesome back wall of the elevator!

Not a very good picture, but: gold! Ornate molding! I feel like the baddest of asses whooshing up to the ninth floor with that at my back.
I am enjoying my job, for sure. It's definitely both less fun and less fascinating than my archive work--which is no surprise, because my archive work pretty much boils down to "muck about in a room full of Junk From the Past as if it were your own personal domain"--but funnily, I'm doing a lot of the same things. Sorting, cataloguing, abstracting, phone-answering, and databasing are transferable skills, I guess? And it's nice to be making more than minimum wage for the first time in--well--ever. I'm only there half-time, anyway, so I have plenty of time to send elsewhere.

Back to the archive, and bright colors, tomorrow! Maybe if I can remember my camera I'll do another secret office tour...

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  1. Love the sleeves on your pretty blouse, they have a delightfully charming 20s/30s feel to them.

    Thank you very much for your recent comment, dear gal. I'm feeling dresses with neck bows a lot, too - just wish they were easier to find from the 40s and 50s (my decades of choice).

    Wishing you an absolutely awesome Friday!
    ♥ Jessica