14 May 2012

New Shoes, Recent Blouse, Tardy Muslin

My mother made fun of this blouse before I made it, because she thought the fabric looked like a Laura Ingalls nightgown. But she was wrong! It looks nice! (I think, at least.)

I retook this picture because I was scowling, but then it somehow looked better than the one where I was actually smiling. Maybe I should glare more often?
Blouse: Style Patterns 2769
Skirt: junk store in Montreal
Shoes: Kohl's

I bought new shoes, guys! They are hugely tall, and were hugely cheap, and make me feel hugely great!

I've been working on my muslin for the Licorice sewalong, but after an unproductive week I'm in the piled-up-fabric-with-random-pins-on-the-ironing-board stage:

I'mma plop down and do some constructing on this muslin when I'm off the internet, so hopefully that'll help with a little of my behinditude. I've picked my fabric for the dress though:

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