13 May 2012

My Mama Took These Photos

...and when I'm done posting them, I'mma go buy food for Mother's Day dinner.

Yesterday I just bummed around the house, so I just lived in sundressville--and finally wore the dress I was reconning the other day:

Gross messy floor/room is gross! So is gross hair I didn't brush. Whoops.
Dress: Gift, reconstructed
Sandals: Marshall's at the Cape Cod Mall, 2010

This dress came to me a little over a year ago as part of a moment of great Craigslist serendipity, but  it was pretty unwearable. The hem was crooked and bound in what looked like satin blanket binding, and the shoulders were held together with these weird, mismatched buttons, as were the red tabs on the side panels, one of which was missing a button and flapping in the breeze.
I replaced that missing button and even wore it out once or twice, but it stayed bunched up in a pile nevertheless. So the other day I pulled it out, unbound and rehemmed the bottom edge, pulled off the shoulder buttons, and used navy bias binding (to match the side panels) on the whole neck-and-armhole opening before tacking the straps back together again. It's not a refashion in the sense that I made something totally new, but I certainly put a previously unwearable garment back in my closet, so: I'm counting it!
(I put the shoes on just for the photo, I'll admit.)

Today, though, I went to church with mi madre to help with the Sunday School preschool class, so I had to look like a real person:

Cardigan: Dollar-A-Pound at the Garment District, January
Skirt: Value Village? I think? In...2008? 
Shoes: Zellers

This photo was supposed to show the pleating at the top of my sleeve but I guess it...didn't? It's just one inverted pleat right at the shoulderline, which is pulled back because of the way I'm standing. I tend to prefer that to gathering if I want a little bit of fullness at the shoulder. Either way, hey! My blouse has sleeves, errybody. 

Happy Mother's Day, world wide web! Go appreciate a mother. Preferably yours, but all of them need love. Mine is pretty awesome, so I'd recommend her, but she's taken. By me.

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  1. Terrific outfits both - I especially like your beautiful floral print blouse in the second (I'd wear that fabric in a heartbeat).

    Thank you very much for your comment on my post about recent thrift yesterday. I think your point about Quebec is a great one. Not only that, but as one of the oldest parts of Canada, there stands to be not only some fantastic vintage finds, but antique ones, too (I remember that the fellows from the TV show Canadian Pickers had good luck - and found some really nice antiques - when they were in Quebec).

    Wishing you a gorgeous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica