15 May 2012

Licor-icor-icorice! and More Photos of Me Smiling Sheepishly

Blouse: Free box in university residence forever ago
Cardigan: Dollar-A-Pound, the Garment District 
Skirt: vaaaguely based on Butterick 5032, only I added a waistband and made the pleats into darts and lengthened it slightly and...well, changed pretty much everything
Heels: Payless, in honestly like 2004 or something
Hair: my own creation, but putting in bobby pins at your desk without a mirror while not having brushed it this morning is a key point of technique

This is the skirt fabric, since it's not super clear in the photo above: 

It's got a little bit of stretch to it and the skirt is wicked comfortable. The blue pinstripes are plenty subtle themselves, but give me an excuse to wear my blue heels--and to have put in a bright blue zip and button, which I love.

As for my Licorice muslin, I hope someday we can be friends! But at the moment:

Those are different measurements. I have a long shoulder to bust point measurement AND a long torso. What fun! On many patterns I can get away without adjusting the former, because crazy-ease makes up for it, but this guy isn't going to let me cut that corner, I guess. And if I'm dealing with that I may as well also adjust the waistline properly (I am almost used to buckling belts at my lowest ribs by now, but I know that's not really so good). Onward and fit-ward, though, I suppose...

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  1. A cute, classic cardi and pencil skirt, now that's my kind of outfit! :) (I wore a variation of that look last week when I got together with my paternal grandparents for the first time in eight years...that time span being because I'd been living far, far away from them for that long, but now we're back in the same province.)

    Thank you very much for your comment on my vintage outfit post today. Loved your line about how maybe someone really can have enough black :)

    Wishing you a terrific Tuesday,
    ♥ Jessica