11 May 2012

Clothes I May'd (ugh, sorry!) and Another Cover Story

Well, I didn't bring my camera to work, so no Tales From the Archive for now, folks. But I did get a photo sesh in.

Lookit that toothy grin! Apparently I am happy. And there are holes in the lawn?
Dress: Frankenpatterned, Vogue 8184/Butterick 5316
Cardigan: J. Crew, clothing-swapped from the lovely A
Shoes: Payless a kajillion years ago

And because I am definitely grown-up, obviously, no doubt: more plastic jewelery!

This dress was sort of a ridiculous sewing project, actually; I made it last fall, in about five hours on Halloween weekend, taking tiny frantic snatches of time away from my costume crafting because I had, for reasons now lost to the mists, decided I needed a new dress for the Slackers show I saw that Saturday night. I finished about ten minutes before I had to head out to the show, and finished tacking down the shoulder strap and the tuck at the neckline by hand while the dress was already on me.

You may notice, however, that there is no tuck at the neckline--at least, not anymore! By the time the show was over, my hand stitches had started giving out in a couple places, as well as one not-so-well secured section of the zipper placket. I had actually danced myself (partway!) out of my dress.
I'm not sure whether this is a story about how shoddy a seamstress I am or about how intensely I love dancing/the Slackers...but HEY my love of music is a great segue to our other piece of business for the post: Cover Story volume...seven at this point, I think?

Today we're hearing from the incomparable Angels, because I can never get enough Brill building girlpop:

They're being covered by the Raveonettes. Apparently this song was in the Vampire Diaries? Say my Youtube search results. I did not even know that was a show until just now:

Enjoy your weekend, Internet! I will too. Probably I will be on you again before it's out.


  1. I love the print on your dress; it's so fun!

  2. Hello there, lovely lady! Just thought I'd tell you that you won the $50 shop credit towards anything in my etsy shop, Adeline's Attic Vintage (www.adelinesattic.etsy.com) over at my blog (www.lettersfromhomefront.blogspot.com). Congratulations!!!

  3. I love your dress. The fabric is great. I wear plastic jewelery all the time. All the real grown-ups do, right?

    1. UGH, I hope so, because I have no intention of stopping.