25 April 2012

Weekend Update (Two Days Late)

My weekend was great, everybody! So great I forgot to take any pictures!

(Obviously I did not take that one! Source here).
I was in Northampton, Massachusetts, at Smith College, visiting A, who I've known since we were thirteen or so, and her roommate S (the photo above is a vintage postcard of their dorm back in the day). I arrived Friday night just in time to catch a frozen-yogurt-and-bookstore excursion, where I found sweet vintage postcards of local (and not-so-local) sights, plus a beautiful old Modern Library edition of The Enormous Room that looked a little something like this:

Saturday was beautiful sunny weather, and I enjoyed baking on the lawn, picnicking, talking feminism and Disney movies and eyeliner and all the other important things. A's ladylove M turned out to know several members of my Montreal tribe, even! It was one of those weekends when everything felt serendipitous.

Sunday we did some pretty unremarkable shopping and wandering...and then it started torrentially pouring just as I hopped in the car to drive eastward, and I-90 was partially flooding. But now I know I can drive successfully through a monsoon, which? Cool.

Andrew Jackson Jihad turned out, in fact, to be playing TT the Bear's Place, a fact which did nothing to impair the show's awesomeness. AJJ shows are always more like singalongs, group therapy, giant festivities of (fun!) catharsis, than they are events where a performer attempts to entertain a crowd. This was no exception, nor would any of us have wanted it to be, I think.

Great times. Coming up soon: a rumination on the nature of business casual (I GOT A REAL OFFICE JOB GUYS), some outfit photos with that red dress I finally finished remaking, and some cheeky peeks into the archives (ie, What I Do All Day aside from the soon-to-commence office job). Stay tuned!

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