09 April 2012

Rosie the Attic-Cleaner

I had a bunch of house chores to do today, including the tail end of an attic-cleaning adventure that started over the weekend, and I woke up feeling a little blah. Nothing a little dress-up won't fix:

I cut my bangs again, guys! They are overlong for Bettie bangs because I have a bizarre fear of exposed forehead (probably due to teenage zit paranoia and my still-insufficient eyebrow-grooming habits) but I am really pleased!

And apparently I own a Boston Police Special Ops shirt? Who knew:

I kicked the attic's ass in the end, by the way. Everything is organized! I'm pretty sure it was the lipstick that did the trick. I found a bunch of old Halloween costumes up there from when my mama and her brothers were little, a couple of which were hilarious and one of which (a can-can dancer costume) seems to be even older than that and is not only beautiful but in amazingly good shape. Maybe I'll pull those out and do some more photography soon, eh?

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