09 January 2012

SEWING (and knitting) LIST (for now)

I have settled on some stuff:

-black wool front-pleated pencil skirt
-one other pencily skirt
-one full skirt (circle or dirndl)
-2 or 3 SOLID-COLORED short sleeve blouses (hard! Hard for me. I have trouble with sticking to solid colors)
-2 or 3 printed blouses (more fun!)
-a non-motorcycle jackety spring/fall coat that I can wear with things that don't cinch in dramatically at true waist
-two dresses in unfancy materials with shoulders and sleeves, so I can wear them to church, school, places I want not to look like a harlot.

-a whole bunch of socks!
-Kate Davies' owl sweater
-a pair of mittens that fit properly and don't swallow my hands whole in one bite.


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