05 January 2012

Plans and Peanut Butter Cookies

Still waiting on New Years' dress photos, but in the meantime:

I've decided that this year I need a serious sewing project. I did plenty of sewing in 2011, but it was all so haphazard--this fall, for example, "oh, I should make a pretty skirt for Thanksgiving dinner" led to "I need a Halloween costume," then "oh, Christmas dress?" and wound up with "hey NEW YEARS FABRIC!" While I love sewing stuff for events, it leads to two problems. First, I end up sewing nothing but party dresses and strange hats:

(Can't find any adequate pretty-dress photos yet (where is K with the camera when you need her? Where for that matter is D with the New Years photos he already took?))

And while I love nothing more than inappropriate levels of formality in dress, I need some wearable things. Maybe a couple pencil skirts? A jacket? It's been forever since I sewed a blouse.

SO: by the end of this week, I'll have a wardrobe list comprising the things I think I need in my closet. Some of these might be pretty vague--"blouses" is one category I know will end up on there--but others very specific: "black wool pencil skirt with front pleats" is something I've had on my wishplate for a while. Then I'll figure out how to get through the necessary sewing without sacrificing pizzaz.

I'll check back in later with New Years dress pics! Until then, I leave you this freaking excellent photo of Terry Hall wearing my girls the Shangri-Las on his chest:

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