18 January 2012

Bedroom Doom: Before

I'm getting to the point in my sorting/culling/packing where the appearance of my bedroom is going to start changing (ie, I've finally done all the stuff that takes place within closed drawers) and I figured this morning was my last chance to memorialise the bedroom as it was, so I got a little camera-happy!

The view from the doorway.

Embarrassingly enough, those are not packing-related piles and boxes littering the floor! That is the unruly stack in which I keep my crafting supplies. The bookshelf and plastic drawers are sewing equipment (my stash is in a Walmart plastic trunk in the front room, under the table where M and D keep their beer-brewing stuff), and the cardboard boxes hold all sorts of other junk: buttonmaker, bottlecap collection, plywood, glue guns, acrylics, old copies of GQ...

Poor Edith gets shoved back into the clutter when I need my desk for something else. I did manage to find a friend to take care of her while I'm out of the country! L has been thinking about buying a machine; I said, "hey! Take mine for six months or so, decide how you feel about it, then I'll go to buy one with you when I'm back in the Mont." PERFECT.

This photo also features my sister's Christmas gift to me last month: a "Forgotten Words" page-a-day calendar, featuring one arcane or out-of-common-parlance word in English every. single. day. It was the perfect gift from the linguist to the history nerd. Today's word is "carfuddle," which means "to decompose or rumple; synonymous with kerfuffle, to disorder." Strangely appropriate, as that's what I'll be doing to my bedroom when I get home from work this evening...

Yes, I taped my cleaning/packing list to the wall. Next to it are a couple of my favorite knicknacks: a Greece pennant from the 1994 World Cup, (only slightly visible) "Leni's Room" hanging sign that S made me at summer camp a couple years ago, and finally and most prominently the cardboard belt "buckle" from my Tank Girl costume two Halloweens back. I have my hat from that costume on my bureau still, too:

Hmm, maybe it should be my hat for the rest of the winter. Thoughts?

So tonight at 8:30, I start packing things up for real and EVERYTHING CHANGES. In the meantime, I am going to finish the brunch I have been eating as I wrote this post:

Buttermilk pancakes with almond-honey syrup, creole spiced pepper and onion, BACON, "Deliciously Yellow" fruit & veggie juice, and nice strong black coffee. FUCK YES.

Have a good afternoon, all.

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