28 December 2011

Knitsewknitsewknitsewknitsew... and then the sci-fi party of my dreams?

This has been my little corner of the world lately--three days and an embarrassing number of X-Files episodes since Christmas and I am well on my way to finishing my winter projects! I've set myself up in the living room at my parents' house (my sister especially loves my complete inability to share the coffee table), working alternately on my New Years dress and C's pillbox hat. I also took over the dining room table:

So that's two whole rooms...I need to consolidate, haha.

The dress is going okay! I decided to use the sleeve from Colette Patterns' Oolong in the end, and a bias band at the neckline instead of a facing (I was worried it'd be too bulky, since I'm also lining the dress). I think it's going to be nice.

As for the hat: things are a little touch and go! I used heavy-duty interfacing (like the kind for purse sides) for stability, and am working on the embellishments, but I need to finish drafting a pattern for 'em.

And I finished the first of my dad's (extremely tardy) Christmas socks, and started on the second! It's unblocked and kind of wonky, but he tried it on and it fits nicely, so...that's what matters:

They are, yes, very plain. He wanted plain. Part of the present was the sacrifice for me of making something so plain because he wanted them so. I'm secretly looking a little forward to starting my mom's pair, which will be patterned and at least have some color to them.

Plans for New Year have also solidified: I am going to a Dr. Who party! That is, the Facebook event is called "there's a party in my tardis and everyone's invited." The entire event description is "RUN." I am really excited. And I spoke to C and she was independently planning on wearing a dress that matches her soon-to-be hat! PERFECT LUCK.

Now I'm back off to craft-and-UFO-land: Kaylee from Firefly has just been abducted by a madman and walled up in a cabin, Scully and Mulder are hot on her captor's trail, and I have some sewing to do.

25 December 2011

Acting on My NY Resolutions Early?

HEY MERRY CHRISTMAS FOLKS. If yer not a Christmaphile, happy holidays?

Things have been crazy, tumultuous, etc. the past couple months (I know, I know, I always say that). Salient details:

-moving back to Boston middle of next month!
-knitting all the freaking time again!
-learning millinery!
-computer is still broken!

At the moment, my biggest concerns are clearing and organizing my junk for the move, knitting the socks I "gave" my parents for Christmas without having finished making (thanks to aforementioned tumult), and working on two sewing projects: a New Years' dress for, well, New Years' Eve, and a hat for C (a NYE/belated birthday and Christmas gift, as I missed both of her giftingdays in December). I am excited about both (though have tragically left my camera in my apartment while parentvisiting for the week and am therefore incapable of photographing either in progress). And apparently I love parentheses now?

The dress is going to be made in this great cotton novelty print I found in the clearance pile at Fabricville, with green and gold champagne bottles/flutes and New Year confetti in red and blue. I got nice unstaticky red lining (LOVE lining things in bright lipstick red) and am Frankenpatterning up a storm: the Butterick 5032 bodice, which I've made before and which fit like a dream; the skirt half of the Burdastyle bustier dress with the draped/sarong skirt (only without that weird ruffly thing! I'm thinking a really big brooch or some other embellishment over the gathering seam there); and a short sleeve, though I'm not sure which pattern's sleeve's I'm going to mess around with yet. Possibly just the cap sleeves from Butterick 5316, maybe something more legit, we'll see how much time I have to mess around.

The hat is MUCH more sorted out and I am super excited about it. I've got a dark teal-ish turquoise-ish shade of linen for the shell and a leopard print for the lining, and I'mma make a pillbox hat! With three removable/interchangeable embellishments, all on pins for easy switching! One of these was purchased (a feather-and-jewel pin), but the other two will be handmade. YES. I am amped...

AND HAVE SO MUCH TO DO IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. And on my mama's machine, too, as Edith is back in Montreal. Eek! Time to bake a pie, and then get back to these socks I'm knitting, so uh, Merry Christmas and I'll be a good blogger some other time?