29 October 2011

Pressure's On

Nine hours. Five fake birds to finish sewing. A dress to alter and a costume to assemble! CAN I DO IT?

27 October 2011

"Who are you? What are you? Where did you come from! I think you're evil. EVIL!"

Halloween weekend approaches! As in it starts tomorrow, and my level of excitement is rising faster and faster! This is one of my favorite holidays, because of the dressing up of course (and also the carte blanche to eat kiddie candy). Costume assembly is proceeding apace--I finally made up my mind what to be:

I am dressing as a Birds victim! Whether or not I am Tippi Hedren herself depends on whether I feel like bleaching my head tonight:

I was planning at first to make a green dress and jacket, but then realised that a) that was way too much to do before the weekend and b) I had a really beautiful sheathy/wiggly dress that I'd been meaning to dye to cover up a massive yellowy iron-mark (it was pale blue, the dress! The scorch mark was absurdly visible), so one pack of Dylon Amazon Green, 30 minutes, and two Maggie Hamilton Wicked-Witch tinted hands later,

we have a winner!

Goodwill graciously provided a cropped jacket light enough to wear indoors at a crowded party, and I also sniped a couple yards of green wool in a slightly darker shade,

which'll become a purse and pillbox hat (using this tutorial)! I know, Tippi is hatless, but it seems like a nice touch if I'm not trying to be perfect-clone-girl (I'm not) and also a good place to perch a bird!

The birds are the one thing I haven't thoroughly figured out yet. I have a bunch of dark grey craft felt and some polyfill batting and was going to just cut out bird silhouettes and stuff 'em; M has pointed out that this will make them look cute, not creepy and ominous, and he's right. He has a theory about wire-hanger wingframes that sounds promising.

Any ideas, O internet? I need this to work!

In closing, my favorite Tippi Hedren picture:

Aaaaand Melanie-Daniels Barbie(!):

24 October 2011

Hitcha With Some Youtube

Something old:

Something new:

Something borrowed*:

Something blue*:


I'm seeing the Slackers on Saturday! I am excited beyond belief but am afraid my first K-less Slackers show will be tough. How do I go about finding a new partner in boogiecrime?

15 October 2011

SKAAAA ska ska...Jamaican SKA

OKAY I KNOW it's been another 97 years since my last post blah blah but this PALES IN IMPORTANCE compared to the AWESOMENESS of my yesterday evening:

K and I went to the Montreal Ska Fest and SAW THE SKATALITES!

The Skatalites are a ska band. They are, like, a big time, original status, founding-royalty ska band from the first wave of Jamaican ska. They also played with pretty much every ska artist on the island of Jamaica in the sixties--as Rolling Stone put it, they were "Jamaica's answer to the Motown house band and Booker T and the MGs combined." PJ Patterson, the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, managed them for a while in his youth!

They used to look like this:

Now they look like this:

Only one of the group's founding 1964-era members is still playing, the alto saxophonist Lester Sterling:

...but the band is still FREAKING AMAZING. The set was awesome, the show was great. Doreen Shaffer, also a legend in her own right, has been singing with them since the eighties and I want to be her when I grow up because as older ladies go she is pretty awesome:

Other highlights of the evening included:
-The Ska-Mones, a Ramones tribute ska band who we missed by arriving late(!);
-Eastern Standard Time* and Mr. T-Bone, otherwise known as All the Same Guys With Two Different Band Members Fronting/On Vocals, both of whose sets were absurdly awesome and all of whom were very dapper and sported pretty schmancy facial hair;
-Danny Rebel and the KGB, who are always a delight; and
-The Harmonauts, my favorite Torontonians, at the afterparty at L'Absynthe, which was excellent and along to whom K and I skanked up a storm, and after whose set we made new friends! From Edmonton! Exciting.

*The ladies on the Eastern Standard Time homepage are well dressed and generally awesome-looking!

AND APPARENTLY someone has already put video up from last night's show! Here we have: THE SKATALITES!