14 September 2011

Who Knew Leonard Bernstein Was a Fox?

I didn't, but check this out:

And this:

Maybe I should start falling in love with men who aren't famous and dead. And gay.

Had a really long conversation with M and E yesterday about Boy/Girl Stuff--consciousness of gender performance, cross-gender interactions, whatnot, and it bled over into a fashion discussion in some sort of interesting ways. E and I both remember dressing aggressively badly as teenagers to make ideological points--my ripped tights and ratty grandma cardigans in a way not only displayed but were my angry feminism. Now that we've both adopted a more...one might say "conventional," but in truth just more aesthetically and less politically motivated style of dress, what does that mean?

What, generally, does my gender behavior mean? God knows, and I certainly know that I roll my eyes usually when these conversations come around--I'm so conflicted about a lot of it that I can't really have the debate without twisting into crazy pretzels of self-contradiction--but it's a set of questions worth not just tossing aside.

(Hi, big public Internet, how's it going)

Bought strange fabric on sale yesterday with champagne bottles and confetti printed on it. Have the best New Years' dress ever on the slate.

WHICH REMINDS ME that I only have a month and a half now to figure out Halloween and I am goddamned slow and indecisive about that costume business. Options so far include:

-Salome dancing, Seven Veils etc (papier mache John the Baptist head required, of course). I know I read this on the Internet somewhere but it's such a freaking good idea that I am totally okay with jacking it
-a Mondrian painting! 2d place idea from last year. Yves-St-Laurent-esque Mondrian dress, but then paint my body around it to complete the canvas
-Birds-esque Tippi Hedren with fake birds swooping in on the attack (wired to me I guess?)
-on the list I made in WordPad I've written "nancy/courtney" with no other commentary. I think that means Nancy Spungen and Courtney Love but I don't understand what my costume idea was.

Need to decide by Thanksgiving, I'd say--which'll give me three weeks exactly to sort out costume crafting. Good timeline? Good timeline. Good.

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