20 September 2011

Seriously What Am I Doing Online

Class in two hours! Thirty pages to have profound thoughts about! Not dressed yet! Clearly the BEST time to blog! So many exclamation points!

Room still a mess. Sewing machine set up on desk (alongside computer...will have to solve that conflict at some point). Took out winter clothes this weekend and remembered my rad brown tweed day dress, though unfortunately it's not cold enough. Ready for end of summer.

History of Psychiatry at one though, and then Sociology of Mental Disorder, and then home to cook dinner and NOT think about mental illness for a while. Last night made the pear-and-citrus pie posted over at Chronically Vintage a couple weeks ago, with Chicken Paprika and E made yummy buttered cauliflower...we didn't eat 'til like 11 but it was freaking delicious.

AND IN CONCLUSION, because this is funny/charming, and I have to go a) read about fifties mental institutions and b) pick clothing that looks less like a colorblind person's than what I wore yesterday:

Elvis played the title role in the 1962 film Kid Galahad, which I watched the other day and is hysterical. He is a boxer in upstate New York! But also a gentleman, and really just wants to make enough money to quit boxing and become a partner in the garage in town, and marry his gambling-debt-encumbered boxing coach's cute little sister (who, by the by, wears a great yellow dress in one scene):

I couldn't find a better picture of the dress that wasn't black and white. It's pretty simple but just looks really nice, and that's not the most intuitive clothing color, so I was pleased.

ALSO just found this gem on Google Image Search:

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