07 August 2011

Not Just Youtube Links This Time!

Update update update! I will actually write words today and post them on the internet, instead of just linking to videos! I know, it's a shock, O imaginary audience.

Home for the weekend. Sitting in the living room smelling the steak Mom's cooking for dinner. Planning after the meal to watch some of the Thin Man sequels (we watched the original last night) and start mending the lining of my grey coat, which has been languishing in a ripped and crumpled pile since the spring of 2009. It's really beautiful dark grey wool, with black velvety collar and pocket flaps and nice satin lining that I completely destroyed with hard wearing. Got a new set of buttons on a Joann's trip this afternoon, as well.

Other Joann's victories: very cheap broadcloth, gaily printed cherry fabric, and funny Vintage Vogue hat patterns. Am going to make some sundresses and hats...which I will be able to photograph with the camera I got for my birthday! A whole new era is dawning in my blogging life.

It's been nice being home. I miss my folks when in Montreal, and I come back here so infrequently. And now I need to set the table, so in parting I am going to offer (yes) some more video:

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