21 June 2011

Misdirected and...Saved?

According to S, this is what happens when you misspell my blog address (as I did in an email just now):


I checked and it's the whole blogpsot.com domain. Hilarious.

15 June 2011

05 June 2011

Nine Projects to Freaking Finish Already

So right now my blog reading list (or whatever that thing is called on the Blogger home page of all the blogs you follow...feed? reader? I am so, so not good at this) is composed of a couple dozen vintage style and sewing/craft blogs and then Up the Fuckin' Punx, which a friend recommended as a good music source, and the way it occasionally pops up aggressively and interrupts all the lace and old photos with pictures of EXTREMELY ANGRY COVER ART has been amusing me.

I have a craft list to make at the moment though! It is getting difficult, between a sense of apathy about keeping my space clean that derives from my imminent move (beginning of July) and the beautiful weather outside, to make myself actually complete anything! I did a big push on Thursday to get everyone's graduation presents done, and now that the gluegun burns have subsided I think it's time to try and get back in gear. So here we go:

Nine Unfinished/Planned Projects; or, Please Start Accomplishing Shit Again!

1. Batik print sheath: I cut out and started sewing up Butterick 5316:

in this beautiful multicolored batik that I found at the Goodwill:

 and resembles the fabric used in those crazy robe/dress ensembles worn by African women with the turbans that make them look like queens. I have no idea even what part of Africa those are from but one sees them in films and occasionally on black women in the city (there was someone in my metro car fully kitted out the other day and she looked so beautiful).

2. Purple shorts! These are from a mid-sixties Advance pattern--3555--which thinks one ought to wear them in a beach costume with a matching bra-top and a really goofy overdress:

I just want to wear them with blouses as my summer shorts. They're high-waisted with a zip in back, which is cool, and I found a nice lavender-purple light denim in the "mis-cuts" dollar bin at the notions store. Add a 25-cent Goodwill zipper, one of my button-bag buttons for the waist, and voila! (But I actually have to do all those things.)

3. K's Mets skirt. I have the baseball bedsheet and some nice blue lining material, I just need to dirndl it all together. This one I haven't even started, but it's been promised so it needs to occur.

4. All my dress editing! This includes the extra darts I need to add to my leopard dress, shortening the hem of my blue cocktail sheath, re-sewing the too-long straps on that Vivien of Holloway pink linen thing, and reshaping the neckline of my sundress with the sailor tattoos all over it. None of that should take long, so I should just sit down with the pile and get to it.

5. Giving the Colette Sorbetto top a whirl! I have such a need for summer tops right now that aren't old music festival tee shirts. I also really liked Casey's take on it and might give that a try.

6. Finishing up the blue version I knit of the Three Hour Sweater--I completed all the pieces, even picked a neck button, but I still haven't done the sewing up(!!!)

7. Two promised hats, now that we're on the knitting thing--one slouch hat for H and one crazy pillbox thing for C off a vintage pattern:

 Luckily, since I'm so, so late with them that  it's become summer in the meantime, I have until it's cold again to finish these? Though I should probably just get going, I don't have any other knitting on the go.

8. The rest of my mending! This I genuinely need to just get through.

9. The turquoise and red dresses I bought fabric for last month and then never got going on. Whoops?

04 June 2011

S'Been So Long

...but here I am again. It's been a crazy month, friends.

I have completed my pop music class. I have not completed my French course. I have babysat a ton. I have congratulated my friends on graduating university. I have not graduated university. I have mended a huge pile of clothing. I have sold a huge pile of clothing. I have not sold textbooks but will this coming week. I have found a beautiful dress, a few books, a pincushion shaped like a globe on a stand, and an old skirt-hemming measure gadget at the Goodwill. I have not found an apartment, at the Goodwill or anywhere else. I have had some epiphanies. I have not solved all my problems. I have danced, drank, sang, smiled, sewn, cooked, spoken with friends. I have basked in the sun. I have not been pleased with the periodic rain.

That's enough of that particular brand of rambling though.

Favorite craft project: as a tribute to E's strep throat, a pouch depicting a (heavily gluegunned) patchwork picture of an opened and tonsilly mouth, with buttonmaker pins and a "Just Say NO! to Strep" placard. Didn't take a picture. Don't have a camera. Slightly regretful of that.

Best burgeoning new skill: putting on eyeshadow! K is teaching me. I've got a decent handle on, like, foundation and liner and lip stuff by now, but eye makeup beyond a swipe at edge of lid and a glop of mascara has remained beyond me.

Does anyone else ever feel as if they were home sick the day everyone else had girl lessons or something? I mean, I was there for all the cattiness and social position-jockeying, I was there when we did the preliminary hair-dyeing and everyone compared notes about holding hands with boys. But there were certain lectures I feel as if I slept through. Makeup day. Appropriately-dressed-for-the-situation day. The day when they taught  us how to put our hair up in those messy buns that everyone wore in grade five?

It's a beautiful day out right now. I'm going to go out in the world.