14 April 2011

Insert Easter Parade Reference Here

...or just a picture:

Taking a break from the work thing for now...because I'm writing this before I leave to buy sewing supplies! I caved and am planning another project in my spare moments. It's justified, though, because I've got time limits here: I've decided to make my Easter dress.

Easter is a week from Sunday, and in addition to the Easter Vigil at midnight (and possibly the morning service, depending how swamped I am) I'll be having a (Big, Fat, Greek) meal and party for my friends and roommates and folks in the evening to celebrate. I planned to wear a certain shirtwaist dress I already had, but it seemed a little...plain for the party; then K gave me this crazy, superbright, sort of 70s-or-80s-does-swing-era dress, and it seemed like a winner 'til I realised that a) the bust darts only made it halfway (K is both shorter and narrower than I) and b) it was a little too fluorescent for church, and didn't really justify the "editing" it would have required to fit. That one's been put back on the shelf for the time being while I figure out what to do about the bodice.

So I'm making my own! The decision feels right: new clothes are a traditional part of Easter, after all. Besides, I've made a pledge with myself to make more stuff in general this spring, so why not kick that off with the most important spring holiday? Easter also marks the start of my summer freedom, so this'll be sort of a kickoff project in that way as well.

I'm using Colette Patterns' Oolong dress:

...which I ordered earlier this winter in a fit of wishful thinking, and a big $4 chunk of mystery fabric from the Goodwill (le Chainon, actually) on St. Laurent. It's quite cool: white with polkadots that look like blotches of watercolor in pink, green and orange. A burn test suggested it was something in the acetate family, but it feels lovely and smooth and I think it'll take well to the bias cut.

I'm also thinking of altering the sleeves to make flutter sleeves instead of the tight ones on the pattern, which seem so...plain to me. It's time I used the "alter any sewing pattern" section of my grandmother's needlecraft book again.

It's too sheer to self-line though (the polkadots show through awkwardly) so I'mma head out and pick up a couple yards of something (hopefully cheap!) to use as a lining. And pinking shears, since apparently K and I do not have a pair between us...

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