19 April 2011

Freedom--So Close!

Exam tomorrow! So obviously I'm...taking a study break to write a post?

Full of plans for what I'll be doing with the rest of the week, month, summer. I need to swing into gear after tomorrow's exam on two things: 

-sewing the Easter dress, and
-prepping Easter dinner!

The dress is going according to schedule so far: I have everything cut out and hanging, awaiting my nimble fingers and quick needle. Or something. Might see whether C and K would agree to have craft night at mine tomorrow so I can start sewing in the eve. Hopefully the sewing process will go more smoothly than the pattern cutting did: that was absurd. 

It sounds, according to pattern reviews I've been reading online, that the cutting-out part of this pattern is the bitch. So it's still looking up.

Another thing I noticed, though, is that not too many people DO seem to have used the Oolong pattern, compared to the other Colette patterns. There are only a couple of photos on the site, etc. I wonder why that is? It's a really nice dress.

As far as Easter dinner: I have to start menuwise, grocery shop, and do all my cooking. I'm thinking lamb and trimmings, some funny Greek appetizers, tsoureki bread, and lots of desserts. But that'll be fun times after all this school stress.

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