09 April 2011

An Entry in Five Parts

I'm currently living in the bottom of an academic pit of despair, so I've disappeared for a bit and will for a little longer following this post--but I'm feeling procrastinatory right now and it's Saturday morning, so what the hell, posting time. The library can wait while I deliver a few snippets of what's been going on in my life:

1) Knit the Three-Hour Sweater this past week during craft time and on the bus/metro; still waiting to sew it up and wear it. Used some wool from a yarn store trip to my old neighborhood a couple weeks ago, a light-dark blue color combination. Will let y'all know how it turned out when it's actually a garment instead of pieces in the workbasket!

2) Am currently (as in, at this very moment) watching/listening to a documentary on 2-Tone music a friend found in the process of researching a paper on Madness (she is taking the pop music class I'll be in this summer). So far (part 4 of 10) it's mostly concert footage with some voiceover action at the start setting the scene:

"All over Britain, signs like this flash their nightly invitation, and in response, over half a million people go dancing every week all the year round..."

3) On another ska-tastic note: I went to an amazing show last Saturday! The Fundamentals, who are pretty much the definition of awesomeness, and would be even if I didn't know some of them, played with some Torontonians called the Harmonauts, and it was one of those shows where everything is just really, really good from start to end: K and I danced from moment one, we made a couple of concert buddies, both bands played great sets, and even when, back at K's, I thought I'd lost my phone, it turned out to be safe behind the bar at L'Absynthe. A-plus evening.

IF YOU ARE CANADIAN: the Fundamentals are on tour this summer! You should go see them, they really are excellent if you like ska even a tiny, tiny bit.

IF YOU AREN'T: you should still go listen to them on the internet.

4) Oooh, section 6 of the documentary has a bunch of fifties-sixties news footage about the rise of the teenager and different dance crazes!

5) Got two packages in the mail the other day: a box of typewriter ribbons and a bubble envelope full of folk punk CDs from Plan-It-X. I think that combination of purchases is a funny summary of me as a personality.

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