21 March 2011

Top Ten Reasons I'm Excited For Summer

1) Learning to speak French much better than I do now! I'm taking an FSL course and was astonished during the placement testing last week to discover that I am at a "low intermediate" level, then yet more astonished to discover this skipped me ahead by two whole classes! This should be depressing for someone who took AP French, but I thought I'd lost yet more fluency than that.

2) Moving into my new apartment. I'm (sadly) leaving my current place, where I've lived for the past three years, and my current roommates, who I love--but for a happy reason: the Boy is moving to Montreal for the year and we are going to live together! I've been casually looking for apartments as a method of procrastination and went on a couple visits this weekend, but it's not really real to me yet. 

3) Picnics on the mountain. I practically live in the park during the summer, and Parc Mont-Royal is the big one here. On Sundays during the spring and summer the Tam-Tams, a big crazy hippie drum circle, takes place on the mountain's eastern edge, and along with that comes the LARPers: 

They battle a little bit further up the side of the mountain and are addictive as hell to watch. I like to bring a picnic; a blanket and deck of cards; some beer; and as much of the tribe as will come along, and spend the whole day there, switching off between LARP-watching, sportgames in the adjoining clearing, lazing around in the sun, letting A beat us all at card games, and doing some form of arts and crafts. Speaking of which:

4) Having the time and inclination to make stuff. In the winter I work (or pretend to work) constantly and when I do stop all I want to do is curl up in a blanket and watch Buffy, trying to convince myself with extra layers and hot drinks that it will be okay and someday in April or May my bones will stop being so cold. In the summer, I spend a lot of time lazing around outside but I work on projects while I do so, and even for the less portable stuff I've got more energy and patience when seasonal affective disorder isn't killing me slowly.

5) POP MUSIC CLASS! That is, MUAR 392, "Popular Music After 1945," which I'm taking in May in addition to my French course. I can't believe I'm going to be spending a month getting university credit for listening to Dylan and the Shangri-Las and...also it changed K's life?

6) The Summer Picnic Diet: fresh baguette, cheese, grapes or mixed fruit salad, bean salad with vinegar and cumin, cold water, red wine.

7) Getting to wear summer clothes. This excitement is twofold for me: I'm excited for sundresses and sandals and cute tank tops because anyone would be after months swathed in giant wool things and heavy layers to get through Montreal winter, but it's made even more exciting because I've never really dressed for summer before. Since I've spent the last five years working at an overnight camp, running around in the woods and swimming in a lake every day, I've tended to shamble around in Soffee shorts, bikinis and beaters, with hoodies added weather-appropriately and flip-flops on my feet. Summer fashion was reserved for 1-2 days off a week. I've never done a whole summer in "real clothes" before and I'm excited to amass some.

8) Time with the tribe. Most of us are sticking around (including C and K, despite the fact that they're graduating and peacing out of Montreal unlike the rest of us slackers), and it'll be good to have a nice long catch-up time with them all sans work stress and crazy hermitation during projects.

9) Getting up in the morning and having coffee out on the fire escape. This one really needs no elaboration.

10) My birthday! Which will a) be my first in many years not occurring in the woods, at work; b) hopefully also get to be my housewarming party for the new apartment, and will at that provide good motivation for me to unpack and get settled promptly; c) make me an age palindrome (hey, 22's boring, I'm trying). I have high hopes!

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