23 March 2011

Vintage Knitting Pattern!

So. I've been drooling over (and frequently downloading) the awesome vintage knitting patterns a number of folks have been scanning in and posting on the internet for quite some time now, particularly those from A Rarer Borealis (which is where I found that hat pattern from a couple posts ago). I brought a bunch of my knitting patterns (as well as some magazines and other junk) along with me on a trip to the school library scanners this morning, in the interest of giving a pattern or two back to the ether (though mine are really nowhere near as fabulous as some of the ones I've found elsewhere).

Also nobody actually reads this blog, much less anyone I know is interested in vintage knitting, or knitting in general. But if somebody does someday I guess they can find this baby in the archives?

My gift to vintage knitting society:

Not sure how old it is exactly, etc. So if anyone has thoughts on that matter it'd also be awesome? I totally dig the little collar and the mid-length sleeves (that's how I wear my sleeves on nearly everything)...as well as the sweet bangle the model is wearing.

The pattern is here (click on each image to enlarge it):

Well! I hope someone sees that and thinks it's awesome. I certainly do. Up next will be one of the following:
a) a long, ill-conceived, stream-of-consciousness ramble that represents my best attempt to coherently explain my term paper topic and thesis; or
b) the beginnings of my summer reading list.


  1. No way! I actually knitted this cardigan last year! It was in a vintage reprinted book I've got.

  2. I think its pretty awesome too!
    I hope you don't mind I've linked to your pattern and your blog on my vintage Knitting blog:)