14 March 2011

New Toys

Two things I love (and I don't expect these choices to be too controversial): cool stuff, and awesome people. I got to enjoy both today.

I had a date this morning to go do a Craigslist purchase pickup out at Metro Radisson, which is waaay out east on the green line. The poster was selling two old movie cameras and a typewriter (though these are just representative photos I pulled off the internet):

1) A Kodak Brownie home movie camera.

It's a Model 2, and according to the Internet Model 2s were on the market from 1956 to 1959, so it's from somewhere in that time period. It's awesome: super compact, tiny little thing, still in the original box with the picturesque little home-movie frame on the front (though mine is a girl in a tennis outfit instead of a mother with a baby).

2) A Bolex Super 8 camera:

This one's from 1967. I mucked around with it a little, looking through the viewfinder and figuring out what the knobs were for and stuff, and it was also really cool. Apparently they both still work, though I'd just intended on picking them up as curios; I'm thinking I might try to use them if I can find film...why not, if they still function?

3) This sick typewriter:

All 26 letters and 10 digits work, unlike my last attempt, and--most exciting of all--it's its own case. There's a cover that snaps onto the edges and, it having a base of the appropriate material, it becomes a case right around the typewriter. Super cool! And also more space-saving than the alternative.

When I got to the address I'd been sent, however, not just fun technology but a truly delightful set of people were waiting for me. The seller and her husband were crazy hippies with a love of old stuff and were actually planning to leave the country, and trying to get their nice vintage/old belongings into friendly hands before they were forced to dumpster it in their building's trash service. As a result, I left with not just the things I'd come for but an entire rolling suitcase full of vintage clothes, camera and lighting equipment, shoes, costume jewelery, and so forth. They also gave me said suitcase, and were trying to pass on their floor lamp and some other pieces of awesome that I, alas, simply couldn't carry home on the bus with me.

All in all, they were super nice--he chatted about politics and photography (he's a photojournalist), and she gushed about vintage and handed over garment after garment that "I just can't take with me, and you'd appreciate it, right?", and their thirteen-year old son wandered in and out of the living room in bell bottoms with shoulder length hair.

I'm wearing one of the dresses I got right now--it's a seventies caftan/housedressy thing made of an almost terry-ish material with rainbow stripes going every which way--it feels like Joseph's coat of many colors (I in fact believe the Joseph costume we had in Sunday school was someone's mother's housedress of the same style and era!), and it's making me really happy at the moment.

Cool stuff is cool. Awesome people are awesome. A day that involves both is bliss, no matter HOW much homework I still have to do before bed...

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