20 March 2011

The Livin' Ain't Easy...Yet

Big presentation tomorrow, on research topic and process for my term paper in British history--the culmination of a good month or so of work (or intended work). And all I'm thinking about right now is:

a) This pattern, which is supposed to produce this hat...

...and which I think I'm definitely going to start making soon, and

b) What I'm going to do over the summer, which is months away from being a pressing problem (my schoolyear job doesn't end 'til late June) and yet SO much more interesting to fret over than my current academic woes.

Summer in general is on my mind, and so the part of me that wants that absurd hat is being battled by the much larger part that is looking forward to wearing my flowered sundresses and buttonfront red shorts all the time. I re-Superglued the soles of my brogues and want to wear them more once the ground is clear enough to allow it.

Am also thinking maybe of using that ridiculous giant spool of lace trim I picked up at Goodwill to make some bobby sox. I really need socks with my tennis shoes to avoid Death of Stink Foot, and all my winter ones are either wool (many handknitted by grandmother) or giant and black. And how cute would it be to have little bobby sox and sneakers to wear instead of flip flops? The tribe spends a lot of summer in the park playing sportgames, after all (by which we mean chasing around after K's pink softball in very rudimentary games of catch, rather than anything serious) and I often tread on painful things after shucking sandals.

I've never spent a full summer in Montreal before. In fact, I haven't had a summer not spent out in the woods at Y camp since...well, ever, really. This whole summer's going to be a wild adventure for me--hopefully a fun, educational, French-speaking, financially solvent adventure at that! So since we all love lists, I think I'm going to make my next entry one, all about how I love summer. Catch you in a few minutes!

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