06 March 2011

Finally got some sewing time yesterday evening and today...though at the expense of not doing any real work at all! Yesterday evening made a dirndl skirt out of an old bedsheet I pulled out of the fabric pile, all the while curled up on the couch watching old movies. It's this black-and-white leopard print, and I lined the waistband (sort of) with this red binding tape I got in a grab bag at Value Village awhile back...I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. It was especially fun sewing on a sheet while Scarlett O'Hara was prancing around onscreen in her dress made of curtains!

I cut out a couple bags this morning based on this pattern (it's reversible(!)--one with the same leopard print lined/reversed in red, and one with this cool green viney print cotton and this Curious George fabric(!) that I have from God knows where. Finished the leopard one, though it's not going to be reversible after all--I didn't quite figure out how the straps worked until it was too late and so they're sewn together in a not entirely smooth matteris. Haven't started putting the Curious George one together yet, but I'm thinking of adding a couple pockets--maybe a patch pocket onto one side and a zippered one set into the other? The pattern's so simple, it couldn't be too hard to adapt a little.

It was nice to spend some time on the machine, considering how long it's been since I've actually followed through and had the time to finish a project--the remains of the Kasia skirt off Burdastyle are still folded up in the corner of my craft table, regrettably--though I find myself, as always, regretting the time I didn't spend doing the million and one things I had to do: homework, research, prepping lesson plans for the kids I tutor, working in InDesign, doing the dishes...ah well, Sunday's always there for that.

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