15 February 2011

Things to Do (This Year?)

New blog, new look, so so may effective hours of pre-midterm procrastination. This started out as a New Years list in January of 2010, but I've been adding and subtracting on and off ever since.

1) Learn/develop some better bookbinding techniques. The cardboard cover with ducttape spinal reinforcement is getting old. I picked up a fifty-cent copy of some hippie book from the seventies about how to make recycled paper so that might be another angle on the "cooler notebooks" front.

2) Try a hand at sodamaking (root and ginger beer). The Boy and I found a kids' science book with a natural ginger beer recipe in it and I'd like to try to make some...right after we finish the aluminum and cardboard SOLAR  OVEN(!) further on in the book.

3) Get rid of a lot of the random art and craft junk I've accumulated. This includes but is not limited to the following:
-A million beer bottle caps. Honestly, at least a shoebox or two of them. Made a whole bunch of magnets but...ran out of magnets. I've seen people on the internet turn them into jewelery...maybe that's an option?
-Piiiles of junker cassette tapes. Painted a bunch with the aim of making a mobile out of them, and could potentially knit with the tape?
-About a bajillion yards each of red plaid-ish corduroy with assorted, very Seventies flowers scattered across it and of bright, almost oversaturated block-print batik.
-The remains of a broken typewriter I found on the curb last summer (along with a really nice hard case) on which  the letters A, S, Q, W, Z and F do not work.

4) Write more letters to friends. I used to be a correspondence champion -- what happened?

5) Learn to play the harmonica. The Boy and I have discussed, in jest, a ukelele-harmonica folk-punk power duo, and while that of course is a dubious proposition, I'd like to be able to play the instrument.

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